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Applying a CAD/CNC/ERP approach, our insulation designs are a precise fit and finish, our quality is unsurpassed and our manufacturing process is highly efficient with well over 4 million CAD files on all types of fittings and equipment. Half our business is OEM based endorsements.

Thermal Blanket Insulation prevents radiant heat loss and saves energy. We provide energy surveys on steam systems, finding radiant surface opportunities and generating payback periods of 6-18 months. Qualified utility rebates can improve the payback period further.
Thanks so much for the interest in our highly successful Shannon-INSULTECH® family of insulation products, blanket insulation, insulation jackets and insulation covers. For over 25 years, we have developed insulation solutions for Energy Conservation, Thermal Efficiency, Noise Reduction and Safety. The evolution of the INSULTECH® brand is now far reaching into many markets and applications, always stressing the importance of value and quality. Using a CAD / CNC / ERP approach in design and manufacturing, INSULTECH® is the worldwide market leader. Following are the INSULTECH® brand offerings:
Acoustic Blanket Insulation Heat Shield Insulation
Thermal Blanket Insulation
Used to treat high temperature radiant surface conditions on steam valves, fittings, piping and equipment for Energy Conservation & Safety.
Used to treat radiant noise on complex surfaces, generating 4-15 DBA reduction. Applications include: Liquid Chillers, Compressors, Pumps etc.
The ideal "low cost" insulation solution for steam traps, OEM Exhaust Piping & Manifolds, Boiler Doors and Threaded Fitting Assemblies.
Acoustic Shield Insulation Fire Blanket Insulation Rain Shield enclosures
heat loss survey
A low cost noise reduction solution for Scroll Compressors, Pumps and Liquid Chiller Discharge Piping.
Used to protect MOV Actuators from catastrophic events in a process environment, safe guarding the valve operation in the event of a fire.
Used in a sanitary wash-down condition to protect sensitive components during the cleaning process. Custom-fit fabric enclosures are reusable.
gate valve insulation blanket
removable blanket insulation for OEMs insulation for high temperature engine exhaust pipes insulating blankets for plastic extruders
Used in partnership with key equipment manufacturers in need of insulation solutions. We have factory endorsements worldwide.
Used on high temperature engine exhaust piping, gas turbine exhaust & de-hy skid heaters for thermal performance & safety.
Used on extruder barrels & extruder heads, treating high temperature surface conditions for energy savings and safety.
Gate valve blanket at refinery.
Total system installation reduced steam load by 3,000 lbs/hr.
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