Shannon engineers and manufactures removable and reusable thermal and blanket insulation.
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OEM Thermal and Acoustic Blanket Insulation

Shannon Enterprises has a highly successful OEM program, developing and implementing blanket insulation packages for key manufacturers in key industries since 1988. Our expertise is comprehensive, spanning the global market, servicing and supporting our customer base around the world. With the SHANNON INSULTECH® world-wide name recognition, high quality standards, on-time deliveries, inventory consignment programs and customer support services, Shannon Enterprises is unmatched in the industry for customer satisfaction.

Shannon Blanket Insulation can be custom fit to match almost any surface geometry, for any temperature requirement, in any environment. No project is too small or too large for our staff. We currently supply OEM Blankets for Steam Traps, Condensate Pumps and Valving, Multi-stage Steam Turbines, Gas Turbines, Large Engine Exhaust, Fan Housings, Liquid Chillers, Compressors, Gear Drives, and Pumps.

We also specialize in an array of applications including Vacuum Chambers for the Silicone Chip Industry, Process Skid Packages, Exhaust Silencers and Diffusers, Expansion Joints and more. Our market exposure is unmatched in the industry!

Shannon Blanket Insulation can become a key element in after-market ancillary and primary product offerings. Private labeling and private label part number procurement can establish OEM recognition for your company's marketing program. We have continued success developing these specialized programs for each OEM customer.

Some product offerings are specifically used for Acoustic Performance Requirements when equipment under a bare surface condition does not meet the requirement. Other offerings are promoted as an accessory to enhance the product offering or to meet specific thermal insulation performance criteria.

Some designs are specifically used to improve equipment machine performance. We can also assist your marketing group in developing a "Product Line Application Brochure" specific to your equipment.

We can provide sales and service support, CAD design, quality assurance and installation. With access to the equipment, we will "field measure" at your facility. We will CAD design a fitted blanket or blanket set, then follow established production standards to maintain high quality control. We can supply Assembly Drawings and Instruction for Installation.

We then package and box the material to your requirements. We will inventory finished goods on consignment for future release. Installation of material can be at your facility or job site. We guarantee each and every purchase for quality and fit.

Design and production of unique blankets for each customer's unique needs is our specialty. Private labeling is key to a successful blanket program. Private label Identification Tags are created to define the origin of each blanket. Established "Production Design Layouts" with part numbers allow easy access to product sourcing and problem solving. Our DSL internet service creates an open channel for digital photos, AUTO CAD files, e-documents and most of all, good communications. Export services and export crating is available.

We actively engage our local sales force. Our nationwide representation can assist in developing these many features of a "Blanket Insulation Program". Regional representation can offer site visits for dimensional verification, installation services, repair services, trouble shooting and better communication to help in the purchase cycle. We value the role that our sales force will participate in.

5000 Ton Centrifugal Liquid Chiller
Customer: National Institutes of Health
Acoustic Blanket Design: LT250A-VP
Performance: 9 DBA Overall
Application: Centrifugal Compressor Housing
Customer: Dresser Roots®
Acoustic Blanket Design: LT450A-TT
Performance: 8 DBA Overall
Trane® Model: RTAC - Air Cooled Liquid Chiller
Customer: Thomas Jefferson University
Acoustic Blanket Design: LT450A-TT
Performance: 6 DBA Overall
Split Case Double Suction Pump Housing
Customer: Sterling Pump - UK
Acoustic Blanket Design: LT450A-TT
Performance: 6 DBA Overall
Application: Small Engine Exhaust
Thermal Blanket Design: HT1200AGM
3” 300# Steam Pressure Reducing Valve
Customer: Spence Circor®
Thermal Blanket Design: LT450TT
Application: Model TLA-6 Turbo Charger Exhaust
Customer: Dresser Clark Rand®
Thermal Blanket Design: HT1100MSGM
Service Temperature: 800º F Continuous
Application: Water Cooler Screw Liquid Chiller
Customer: Carrier®
Acoustic Blanket Design: LT250A-VP
Performance: 6 DBA Reduction