Shannon engineers and manufactures removable and reusable thermal and blanket insulation.
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Manufacturer of SHANNON removable and reusable BLANKET INSULATION

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Acoustic Blanket Insulation

Removable, reusable blanket insulation for SOUND ATTENUATION. Reduce harmful noise at the source!

Shannon Blanket Insulation
is a pre-engineered thermal acoustical insulation system designed to reduce harmful noise levels and improve the surrounding work environment.

Shannon Blanket Insulation
is custom-fit, through CAD technology allowing versatility in equipment coverage. Virtually any irregular surface can be insulated and multipiece designs are typical for most equipment applications.

Shannon Blanket Insulation
is a top quality design construction. The recommended design LT450A-TT features an inner and outer chemical resistant Teflon fiberglass cloth, with high density fiberglass mat and barium sulfate loaded vinyl.

Shannon Blanket Insulation
is removable and reusable. Blanket pieces can be installed with minimal effort and they feature a stainless steel Wire-twist fastening system. No additional tools or materials are required for installation.

  • can be installed with plant personnel
  • can be removed and reused numerous times
  • is a closed insulation system
  • is custom-fit to existing conditions
  • is an ideal replacement for asbestos
  • is vibration resistant
  • satisfies OSHA safety requirements.
  • any load manufacturing process
  • ejectors
  • gear box casings
  • steam and gas turbine housings
  • compressor housings
  • exhaust ducting
  • pressure reducing valves
  • custom sound curtains
  • liquid chillers
Application: Air Cooled Scroll Liquid Chiller Acoustic Enclosure
Customer: Florida Condominiums
Blanket Design: LT450A-TT
Performance: 9 DBA Reduction
Application: Scroll Compressor
Customer: O.E.M. Compressor Manufacturer
Blanket Design: LT250A-VP
Performance: 6 DBA Reduction
Application: Axial Fan Housing
Customer: University Pittsburgh Medical Campus - Rooftop
Blanket Design: LT450A-TT
Performance: 6 DBA Reduction
Application: Centrifugal Liquid Chiller Compressor
Customer: Embassy Row Hotels
Blanket Design: LT250A-VP
Performance: 4 DBA Reduction
Application: Axial Compressor Housing, Inlet & Discharge Piping
Customer: Cemex Corp, Buda, Texas
Blanket Design: LT250A-VP
Performance: 9 DBA Reduction
Application: 500 Ton Water Cooled Centrifugal Liquid Chiller
Customer: Tinker Air Force Base
Blanket Design: LT250A-VP
Performance: 8 DBA Reduction
Application: Service Connection Piping
Customer: Gas Transmission Station
Blanket Design: LT450A-TT
Performance: 13 DBA Reduction
Application: Test Cell Room Acoustic Panels
Customer: OEM HVAC Manufacturer
Blanket Design: LT250A-VP – 1 ∏” Thickness
Performance: 15 DBA Overall Reduction