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Thermal Shield Blanket Insulation

Plastic Extrusion Applications

Recognizing Significant Energy Savings from Bare Surface Equipment

Application: Plastics Extrusion and Blow Molding Equipment

Shannon Blanket Insulation is a pre-engineered thermal insulation system designed to significantly reduce heat loss and surface temperature for Plastics Extrusion, Injection Molding, and Blow Molding. The reduction in heat loss can save energy, thereby saving process electricity and air conditioning electricity. In addition to saving energy, the reduced heat loss will improve the surrounding work environment , thus increasing overall productivity.

Shannon Blanket Insulation will save substantial energy costs. Any surface being covered will show an estimated heat loss reduction of 85%. With average surface temperatures of 500 F, this reduction equates to payback periods on investment of less than 6 months. In addition, annual savings will be present year after year for continued blanket insulation service.

Shannon Blanket Insulation is a custom fit, self contained insulation system. The recommended blanket design LT550SG features a sewn blanket construction with a Velcro belting system. The sewn construction offers a durable construction capable of withstanding both temperature and frequent removal. The belting system offers a quick release fastening system with a high quality sewn construction. Basically, any blanket piece can be taken from a shipment box and placed onto a machine using no tools or extra materials for installation.

Shannon Blanket Insulation is retrofit to existing conditions. Like all blanket applications, Shannon Enterprises will custom fit a blanket insulation system to field conditions. A factory representative will field measure the application to assure proper fit and performance. This means that virtually any piece of equipment can be covered. In applications where there are multiple pieces, Shannon Enterprises will supply an installation assembly drawing. This drawing will identify blanket pieces which will be tagged sequentially on each blanket.

Shannon Blanket Insulation has become a recognized name in the insulation industry both for its high quality and high engineering standards. As an industry leader, Shannon Enterprises can assist in solving your insulation problems.