Shannon engineers and manufactures removable and reusable thermal and blanket insulation.
All products proudly made in the USA
30 years of excellence!

Manufacturer of SHANNON removable and reusable BLANKET INSULATION

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Engine Exhaust Insulation Services for Transportation Fleets

Engineered Systems for: Thermal Efficiency • Personnel Protection • Noise Reduction
  • Shannon-INSULTECH® Brand & Reputation
  • Specification index of blanket design options
  • High quality insulation jacketing & insulation filler
  • High quality construction & assembly
  • Self-contained insulation system
  • CAD/CNC designed & produced
  • Embossed ID Metal Tagging
  • Integral Fastener Hardware
  • 18-Month Warranty
  • Guaranteed Fit
  • 26 Years of product offering experience
  • Accommodates all temperature ranges & conditions
  • Lowers compartment ambient temperature
  • Self-extinguishing insulation
  • Protects sensitive electrical components
  • Easy on, easy off access for inspection, repair & service
  • Can accommodate complex surfaces for exact fit.
  • Tagged to include: part number, engine type, model, size
Markets Served:
Engine Exhaust Insulation for Transportation Fleet Services

Application: Engine Exhaust Piping
Bare Surface Temperature: 1300º F
Insulated Surface Temperature: 120º F
Install and remove within minutes

Additional Applications:
Flex Connectors
Catalytic Converters
Expansion Joints
Any Hot Surface