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Heat Shield Insulation

Removable, Reusable Protective Insulation Jacket

Shannon Heat Shield Insulation is the "cost-effective" thermal insulation system designed with many of the features and benefits of a traditional blanket insulation system. INSULTECH Heat Shield Insulation is removable and reusable for easy installation, easy removal and easy re-installation, making access to steam specialties simple. Reduce cycle times and extend trap service life.

Shannon Heat Shield Insulation will create a SAFER WORK ENVIRONMENT by lowering surface temperatures on critical applications. Enhance your V.P.P. (Volunteer Protection Program) with a simple solution.

Shannon Heat Shield Insulation is compliant with OSHA standards for exposed heated surfaces, if there is a potential for injury. OSHA standards include: 1910.261(K) (11), 1910.262© (9), 1910.23©(3), 1910.147 & 1910.132(a), Section 5(a)(1) of the OSHA Act.

Shannon Heat Shield Insulation will SAVE ENERGY Steam Traps covered with INSULTECH will show an estimated ENERGY SAVINGS of 75%. With average surface temperatures of 250ºF, this reduction equates to payback periods on investment of less than six months. The savings will continue, year after year. A single steam trap can generate $130 - $740 per year in energy loss. Calculated savings will be $95 to $546 per year. A 15-year service life could be $1,425 to $8,190 for each steam trap! Insulating the steam traps from a Steam Trap Survey can lead to very large energy savings. Send us your Steam Trap Survey for a proposal.

Shannon Heat Shield Insulation is a custom fit, self-contained insulation system. Design LT500HS, features a sewn, self-contained construction with Velcro flaps for easy install. INSULTECH is capable of withstanding both temperature and frequent removal. The quick release fastening system with a high quality sewn construction allows easy removal and re-installation. Trap inspection can be performed without removal through an inspection grommet, strategically placed. Labeling includes information derived from your steam trap management program.

Shannon Heat Shield Insulation is a CAD/CNC manufactured design for exact fit and finish. With close tolerances on complex surface geometry, the INSULTECH Heat Shield insulation system allows standardized offerings for almost any steam trap and steam specialty fitting. Applications include: steam traps, APT (Automatic Pumping Traps), steam tracing & steam/condensate manifolds.

Shannon has become the recognized name in the insulation industry both for its high quality and high engineering standards. As an industry leader, Shannon Enterprises can assist in solving your insulation problems. We are the market leader in design and innovation.

Application: Single Trap-Gestra®
Model: MK45 Steam Trap
Customer: Holly Frontier Refining
Blanket Design: LT500HS-AC

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Heat Shield Insulation Video

Heat Shield Applied to Steam Trap