Shannon engineers and manufactures removable and reusable thermal and blanket insulation.
All products proudly made in the USA
30 years of excellence!

Manufacturer of SHANNON removable and reusable BLANKET INSULATION

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Removable and Reusable Thermal Insulation Blankets

SHANNON Thermal Blanket Systems are now offered for the purpose of "Energy Savings" on steam valves and fittings. The SHANNON Thermal Blanket is a high quality insulation, custom-fit to match gate valves, pressure reducing valves, flanges, strainers, steam traps, heat exchanger heads, boiler heads, PRV stations, condensate pumps and similar equipment.
SHANNON is the solution to problem insulation areas on all types of steam process equipment. The removable, reusable features of SHANNON Thermal Blankets drastically lower operation costs, shorten down time, save valuable energy, improve the work environment and reduce labor costs associated with installation, removal, and reinstallation.