Shannon engineers and manufactures removable and reusable thermal and blanket insulation.
All products proudly made in the USA
30 years of excellence!

Manufacturer of SHANNON removable and reusable BLANKET INSULATION

thermal blanket insulation • acoustic blanket insulation • Insultech®

75 Main Street • North Tonawanda, NY 14120 • Phone: (716) 693-7954 • Fax: (716) 693-1647

About Shannon Enterprises

We manufacture custom-fit, removable, reusable blanket insulation, marketed under the name of Insultech® Blanket Insulation. This blanket insulation is design engineered for treatment on machinery and process piping for both thermal and acoustic performance.

Shannon manufactures the INSULTECH® brand of products:

  • Thermal Blanket Insulation
  • Acoustic Blanket Insulation
  • Heat Shield
  • Acoustic Shield
  • Rain Shield
  • Passive Fire Protection Blanket Insulation

The markets we serve include; Steam, HVAC, Safety, Noise Control, Chemical, Petro-Chemical, Process, Manufacturing, Food Processing, Power Utilities, Power Generation, Institutional, Commercial, Oil & Gas, Plastics, Gas Transmission & OEM. Markets span North America, Central America, South America, The Caribbean, The Middle East & Europe. Exclusive Representation with qualified, training sales engineers are there to support the sales and marketing efforts for a worldwide emphasis on product and brand recognition. We also have a sales office in Phoenix, AZ and Budapest, Hungary.

Shannon Enterprises of WNY Inc. manufactures the INSULTECH® brand of insulation products with ownership rights to the trade-name, INSULTECH®. With copied trademarks and confusion in the market, Shannon-INSULTECH® must assert itself as the sole owner of the INSULTECH® trademark. Do not confuse the Shannon-INSULTECH® offerings as the naming rights and trademark used by Shannon is exclusive to Shannon Enterprises of WNY Inc. Look for the Shannon-INSULTECH® brand.

Manufacturing, sales and design are based in North Tonawanda, New York, 5 miles from Niagara Falls, New York and 7 Miles from Buffalo, New York. Our close proximity to Cleveland, Ohio ( 3.5 Hours ), Pittsburgh, PA ( 4 Hours ) and New York City, NY ( 7 Hours ) place our business central to the Midwest and Eastern United States of America.

We have over 26,000 square feet of open manufacturing & design space, carrying OEM inventory, producing roughly 3,000 blankets per month.

The job shop manufacturing process is CAD / CNC / ERP driven. The heart and soul of the sales / design / manufacturing and planning cycle lies in a custom designed ERP software. The ERP system controls all aspects of communication, allowing up to 300 field inputs into each and every sales order, organizing every aspect of the sale, including planning, QA/QC and accounting to name a few highlights. Increased efficiencies and improved communication will assure that the customer, be it OEM based or end user based, can experience a flawless sales experience. Each and every blanket produced is CAD designed for exact fit and finish with well over 4 million CAD files on all types of geometry. Our blanket designs are OEM endorsed to increase market acceptance. The CAD files drive a CNC software, allowing extremely high production quality and production efficiency. The CNC process minimizes production error and increases geometric tolerances well beyond industry standards. We produce the best quality at the highest production efficiency, giving the customer the best valued investment.